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    Why is sport beneficial to cancer patients?

    Sport plays a beneficial role in fighting cancer.

    Take breast cancer for example.

    Recent studies have shown that staying active reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by 20% . The risk of relapse is also much less likely in women who exercise and play sport: 3 hours per week would reduce the risk of recurrence by 20%. This rate rises to 50% for women who do 9 hours of sport per week.

    Sport has significant benefits for cancer patients:

    • The side effects of treatment are better tolerated
    • Tiredness and pain can be alleviated
    • It helps to strengthen joints and muscles and in this way regain physical fitness more quickly.
    • Sport helps to combat stress and anxiety
    • And most importantly of all, the risk of relapse is minimized

    When you have cancer, exercise and sport should be supervised

    Can I play sport during or after cancer treatment? Yes you can! But be careful, you must exercise caution. COS works in close collaboration with CAMI Sport & Cancer, an organization founded in 2000 specializing in exercise programs for cancer patients. It provides sport sessions supervised by medical sports instructors (EMS in French) to people with cancer of any age, whether undergoing treatment or in remission. This support can also be one-to-one and home-based.

    CAMI Sport & Cancer will of course draw up a personalized program based on your age, condition and medical history, also taking into account your wishes and goals. Another distinguishing feature of CAMI is that it only employs sports professionals who have obtained the “Sport and Cancer” university diploma. This is because in order to support cancer patients in regaining control over their body, it is vital to have a good understanding of the disease’s mechanisms and the impact exercise can have.

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