Homeopathy and cancer

Relieving symptoms of cancer patients

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    How can homeopathy help cancer patients ?

    In recent years, homeopathy has been used increasingly in cancer care. Homeopathic treatments are not used to treat the disease directly but rather as a support therapy. An alternative therapy that complements conventional medicine, helping cancer patients to cope with their illness and tolerate treatments better.

    Homeopathic medicine can prove highly effective for people wishing to reduce the side effects of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In fact studies have shown that homeopathy can help not only with tiredness and anxiety, but also nausea, constipation, loss of appetite and skin conditions that can develop during or after treatment. If the patient has to have surgery, homeopathy can also speed healing.

    COS offers homeopathy as a complementary therapy.

    Homeopathy can improve the quality of life of cancer patients: this is why we offer this service at COS, since we know that maintaining the best possible quality of life is key to combating a disease like cancer.

    Our team will put you in touch at very short notice with a homeopathic practitioner specializing in oncology, Depending on your condition and needs, s/he will recommend a supportive therapy that will help relieve the most common symptoms associated with cancer.

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