Preventing cancer

Beat the disease through prevention

Prevention, a key action strategy

Did you know that 4 out of 10 cancers could be prevented? Studies have shown that changing your lifestyle can have a positive impact on your health. A number of factors can reduce the risk of developing cancer including a balanced, varied diet, giving up smoking and reducing your alcohol intake, playing sport and protecting yourself from a very young age from UV rays.

The personalized support provided by the COS team is not limited exclusively to cancer patients. In fact we offer a highly comprehensive package of preventive services to everyone. What if the best way to beat the disease were to stop it before it even starts ?

Explore the package of preventive services offered by COS

Roll back the disease :
  • 1

    Stop smoking

  • 2

    Limit your alcohol consumption

  • 3

    Eat a healthy, balanced diet

  • 4


  • 5

    Stay safe in the sun

A package of personalized prevention services :
  • A comprehensive or focused check-up to provide an overview of your current health.
  • A prevention plan formulated according to your needs: medical check-ups, CTC test (circulating tumor cells), sports guidance and nutritional rebalancing, acupuncture sessions
  • Personalized monitoring by COS teams
  • Fast-track referral to medical and paramedical specialists recognized for their leading expertise in the field

Our cancer prevention services

At COS, we offer a highly comprehensive package of prevention services to anyone keen to adopt healthy habits and reduce their risk of developing cancer. But we also want to reach out to anyone with a genetic predisposition to cancer: these people need more intensive medical monitoring, which our organization can provide. Explore our full range of services :


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