Personalized cancer support

Providing personalized disease management

Your first appointment with COS

Your first appointment with COS : to understand your condition and guide you.

  • A detailed analysis of your situation and feelings about your illness
  • An in-depth discussion of your expectations, fears, questions and priorities
  • An explanation of how we operate, the services we provide and the results you can expect
  • A consultation in a medical facility with one of our partner oncologists

COS flat fee €180 (inc. tax)

Explore the package of services offered by COS

A personalized health plan tailored specifically to your needs :
  • 1

    An initial appointment to make introductions

  • 2

    A review of documents detailing the patient’s medical condition discussed at a multidisciplinary team meeting and forwarded to us with the patient’s consent

  • 3

    A health plan formulated within 48 hours

  • 4

    Presentation of the health plan to the patient: a 100% personalized package based on the cancer patient’s profile and goals

  • 5

    Start of patient monitoring

Personalized support throughout your cancer journey :
  • Creation of a personalized health plan
  • Comprehensive monitoring by COS teams
  • Fast-track referral, appointment booking and coordination with expert medical and paramedical specialists
  • Creation of an appropriate and confidential therapeutic support package
  • Comprehensive administrative support
  • Guaranteed medical confidentiality

Our packages and services

COS offers a unique service offering. A total of 24 services available to cancer patients, divided into 7 support categories. At COS, we believe every cancer patient is unique and deserves to receive a fully personalized health plan tailored specifically to their needs. This is why we’re inviting you to explore the full range of our services :

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