A private chauffeur service in your native language.

An exceptional escort service to your medical appointments

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Do you have cancer and would like COS to support you? We offer you a package tailored specifically to your needs.

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    Travel to your medical appointments in a chauffeur-driven car

    When you have cancer, it can sometimes be difficult to attend your many medical appointments: your condition may affect your mobility and your loved ones are not always available to drive you. For all these reasons, COS has opted to make available a private transport service complete with chauffeur: s/he will pick up from your home, drive you to your appointment and wait for you until you are ready to go home.

    No more transport worries; you can book your medical appointments when you choose, even if your loved ones are not available to drive you.

    A discreet service tailored to the needs of cancer patients

    Our private chauffeur service is fully designed to meet the needs of cancer patients, providing discreet, professional transportation. Enjoy the luxury of riding in a comfortable car… an important factor when travelling to a medical appointment, since cancer patients need comfort and the highest level of personal attention.

    COS will of course take responsibility for booking your car and chauffeur: our aim is to make your daily life more manageable, leaving you free to focus on your recovery.

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