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    Why take a post-cancer recovery break ?

    Cancer is an ordeal that can leave visible scars. Although treatments, which include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in fighting the disease, they can leave your skin vulnerable and impact on your mental wellbeing.

    Are you having treatment, in remission or cured? Why not take advantage of a recovery break? There are a number of specialist thalassotherapy centers where people who have had cancer can go to convalesce. But there are also scientific spas specializing in convalescent care for people experiencing or recovering from cancer. Here, you will have an opportunity to pamper your skin, relax and shake off the tiredness that has lingered ever since you finished treatment.

    Thalassotherapy is an ideal way for women who have had breast cancer to make peace with their body and reclaim their femininity. This is a crucial in helping to form a clearer vision of the next phase of their life.

    COS offers you a thalassotherapy or energy rebalancing recovery break tailored specifically to your needs

    We believe that a post-cancer recovery break is an excellent way to put cancer behind you once and for all. Naturally, this is not a case of booking in at a traditional spa. It is essential to prioritize a thalassotherapy or treatment center renowned for its specialism in post-cancer care.

    To help you plan this kind of break, we have forged a partnership with a number of top-notch recovery centers where you can cocoon yourself away for a few days and focus on your wellbeing and recovery.

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