Osteopathy and physiotherapy

Using manual therapies to help cancer patients

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    How can osteopathy help with cancer?

    Manual therapies such as osteopathy and physiotherapy do not directly treat cancer. However, just like acupuncture, they increase patient wellbeing, particularly by helping cancer patients to deal with the side effects of treatments.

    Let’s take the example of osteopathy. Recent studies have found that this practice is very effective at combating the side effects of cancer treatment, namely nausea, vomiting, pain, tiredness and sleep problems.

    A recent methodologically advanced study conducted in the cancer units in the Paris region (the Hôtel Dieu, Val de Grâce and Lagny sur Marne hospitals) confirmed that osteopathy helped improve the wellbeing of patients undergoing chemotherapy. Osteopathy’s effectiveness in reducing pain (66%), tiredness (61%) and nausea and vomiting (56%) in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy was statistically significant.

    At COS, we are able to refer you to an osteopath with a good reputation in the medical community and above all who specializes in the practice of manual therapies for cancer patients. The practitioner will tailor the treatment to your needs (physical state, medical history etc).

    Physiotherapy and how it can help cancer patients

    Physiotherapy is a complementary therapy that is very frequently used in cancer treatment. Physiotherapy enables patients to regain their mobility after an operation and also to be fully rehabilitated in order to improve their overall wellbeing.

    However, physiotherapy can also combat the side effects of cancer treatments and operations. Specifically, women who have had breast cancer sometimes experience venous and lymphatic complications. In this sort of case, the physiotherapist uses a lymphatic drainage technique to effectively reduce the lymphedema (long-term swelling), meaning that physiotherapy enhances the wellbeing of women with breast cancer. This is just one example: physiotherapy can be used in many ways as part of cancer treatment.

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