Oncology esthetics

Restore your body image in order to cope better with cancer

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    How can oncology esthetics help me cope better with the disease?

    Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy can all have an impact on the body, skin and hair of people with cancer. This reality can be very hard to accept, especially when all you want is to avoid unwanted attention and carry on with your life in the best way possible.

    Throughout treatment, it may be beneficial to consult an oncology esthetician who can help you to take care of yourself. This will have a positive impact not only on your body, but also on your mental outlook:

    • Your wellbeing will be improved
    • The side effects of treatment will be alleviated and you will be better able to accept them
    • You will regain your self-confidence
    • You will be able to conceal the visible effects of the disease from your loved ones and work colleagues if that is your wish

    An extensive range of beauty and wellbeing services

    Oncology esthetics brings together a diverse range of services: facial, body and hand care, along with makeup advice and a wig-fitting service.

    COS offers you access to top-notch oncology esthetics. For example, you can take advantage of a very wide choice of custom-made (natural hair) wigs. If your interest lies more in body and facial care, be confident these treatments are administered only by an esthetician specializing in cancer care.

    Whether you wish to take advantage of oncology esthetics treatment sessions or seek advice on choosing your wigs, the COS team is on hand to support you. You will be offered a fast-track appointment with a specialist oncology esthetician, enabling you to restore your body image in the best way possible.

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