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    Medical imaging: cutting-edge technology used to benefit patients

    Cancer patients need to undergo regular tests to check how their cancer is developing and whether treatment is having an impact. This is why medical imaging is regarded as being vital for cancer patients.

    However, making an appointment for an MRI or PET scan can be quite a complicated business. Waiting times are often very long, particularly in the renowned private radiology clinics, and do not always fit well with patients’ already packed schedules.

    This is why COS can refer you to a network of medical imaging clinics with cutting-edge technology in Paris and the surrounding region. These clinics will be able to offer you a radiology appointment (MRI, scan, PET scan) at the earliest opportunity. You will be able to obtain an appointment very quickly thanks to our direct and quick appointments system.

    Can medical tests be done quickly if a doctor makes an urgent referral ?

    Lab tests such as blood tests are also extremely important for tracking the development of cancer and the impact of treatments. Sometimes medical tests need to be conducted urgently for the good of patients.

    However, medical laboratories are often overloaded with work and cannot always accommodate urgent cancer patient referrals. If you opt for COS, you will have the option of laboratories in Paris and the surrounding region urgently conducting your blood tests and other clinical laboratory tests.

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