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Do you have cancer and would like COS to support you? We offer you a package tailored specifically to your needs.

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    Home care services to make daily life more manageable for cancer patients

    Cancer patients may experience side effects during treatment. Tiredness is just one example of a side effect that can prove quite debilitating on a daily basis. This is the underlying motive for home care services: they can assume responsibility for the upkeep of the home along with all the tasks patients either can’t or don’t want to worry about during their convalescence.

    Another difficulty patients face is managing their schedule. Attending a chemotherapy session can be problematic when there is no-one to look after your children. Here too, home care services can meet this need, helping to make patients’ lives easier.

    What does the COS home care package consist of ?

    COS has forged a partnership with a high-end concierge service that will make your day-to-day life easier.

    Thanks to this high-quality service, professionals will take over the upkeep and running of your home, provide childcare and look after your pets.

    Depending on your needs, they can also brighten up your home or even decorate or rearrange your interior decor, making it a nicer place to live in. Lastly, if you don’t want to cook during your convalescence, your meals can be prepared by a chef in your own home.

    A home care service is an invaluable resource for people living with cancer. By making daily life more manageable, you are better able to cope with your illness and focus on what is really important – your recovery and your loved ones.

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