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    Why digitize the medical records of cancer patients?

    For cancer patients, an electronic medical record documenting their condition and history of care is a must. Digitization enables all data to be stored in a single location, saving time for the various doctors involved in your care, who will need to consult this information in order to prescribe appropriate treatments and monitor the progress of the disease more effectively.

    Furthermore, the benefits of electronic medical records are not confined to doctors alone. When someone has cancer, their medical record (medical examination report, blood tests etc.) can become quite extensive over time. Thanks to digitization, patients can have easy access to the information they require and are not obliged to take this record with them to every appointment, which is a welcome bonus !

    What can COS contribute ?

    COS offers you the assurance that your medical records are fully digitized: we take care of this for you. Naturally, we respect ethical obligations relating to electronic medical records: they remain confidential and will only be made available to the doctors involved in your care at your request and with your consent.

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