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Reconnecting with your body after cancer

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    In what way can cosmetic and plastic surgery be useful after cancer ?

    After cancer, some people may feel the need to reconnect with their body. Treatments such as surgery and radiotherapy leave visible traces and it is sometimes hard to recognize yourself. Cosmetic and plastic surgery can be a good solution for anyone wanting to leave their cancer behind and start a new phase of their lives. Cosmetic surgery can erase the visible traces of the disease.

    Feeling better about your body will improve your mental outlook too.

    Have you had a breast removed? If you opt for reconstructive surgery, you will need to consult a surgical oncologist rather than a plastic surgeon. In this case conservative and reconstructive surgery should be integrated into the treatment protocol.

    Feeling better about your body with COS

    At COS, we believe it is important to feel physically and mentally strong both during treatment and once treatment has finished. Whatever your aim – whether to repair minor damage to some parts of your body or remove any lingering traces of the disease and feel youthful again –, we invite you to book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.

    COS can give you all the support you need by offering you a wider pool of practitioners to choose from.

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