Dental, heart and skin health checks

A full health check to provide an overview of your current health

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    Dental check-up

    Do you have cancer and are about to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy? Before starting this treatment, we recommend you have an oral and dental check-up, since chemotherapy and radiotherapy can affect your mouth, gums and teeth. One common side effect is a lack of saliva causing dryness of the mouth, increased risk of tooth decay and the sensation of burning in the mouth. In order to minimize these side effects, you are advised to have a dental check-up before starting treatment. This way, if the dentist finds that you have tooth decay, s/he can treat it so that you can start treatment with the best possible oral health.

    Heart check-up

    Treating cancer with chemotherapy can cause heart problems. The risk is minimal, but is still a possibility. This is why anyone about to undergo chemotherapy is strongly recommended to have a thorough heart check-up. Ideally this should be before treatment starts, in order to identify any existing condition, but it is also advisable to have another heart check-up during and after chemotherapy treatment. Generally speaking, this consists of a clinical examination, ECG and ultrasound heart scan (echocardiogram).

    Skin (dermatological) check-up

    You are advised to have a regular skin check-up to assess the condition of your skin and any beauty marks or moles. This is key to ensuring early detection of skin cancer and melanoma. However a skin check-up is also recommended for cancer patients about to undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy. These treatments can have a harsh impact on the skin and may cause general discomfort. A skin check-up helps prevent or minimize these unpleasant symptoms.

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