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Do you have cancer and would like COS to support you? We offer you a package tailored specifically to your needs.

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    What kind of administrative support does COS offer ?

    COS offers cancer patients a wide range of services: support from a medical oncologist, psychologist and acupuncturist, together with wellbeing services including oncology aesthetics and recovery fitness.

    However, drawing up a health plan tailored specifically to your condition and requirements is only part of what we offer. By coordinating your medical pathway, we are on hand to deal with all administrative aspects of your medical appointments and paperwork.

    We can book appointments with doctors on your behalf, based on your availability. We can also arrange for a car and chauffeur to take you to your medical and paramedical follow-up appointments. You will receive appointment schedules, along with courtesy reminders from the COS secretarial staff. We can also arrange one-off overnight accommodation and coordinate your home care service.

    Of course we will also take responsibility for managing all your medical paperwork. This way, you will be assured of the best possible care for your illness.

    A service designed to make life easier for cancer patients

    In short, the administrative support provided by COS helps make everyday life more manageable for cancer patients. Having cancer is a continual challenge. Not having to think about booking appointments or travel and accommodation issues makes patients’ lives easier.

    At COS, we do our utmost to ensure you focus on just one thing : your recovery! This remains the best way to overcome the disease and resume life as it was prior to your diagnosis.

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