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Do you have cancer and would like COS to support you? We offer you a package tailored specifically to your needs.

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    COS: a network of cancer specialists

    At COS, we pride ourselves on delivering medical excellence to our patients. This is underpinned by a contact list of cancer specialists, surgeons and oncologists organized according to type of cancer.

    All are recognized for their expertise and know-how. But what truly sets our network apart is that it consists solely of cancer specialists involved in monitoring their patients’ care through attentive listening and human values.

    Exclusive access to a specialist cancer consultant

    Professor Thomas Tursz is a specialist in cancer care and research, who works in close collaboration with the COS team. After an initial consultation with our team, you will meet Professor Thomas Tursz who will be involved in drawing up your health plan and will discuss with you the details of your care pathway and choice of practitioners. It goes without saying that all COS professionals, both internal and external, are bound by professional secrecy.

    You will benefit from fast-track privileged access to the COS medical network.

    For people with cancer or in remission, obtaining and waiting for appointments and results can sometimes be extremely stressful. COS works to ensure that waiting times are minimized, making it easier for you to cope with this difficult and anxious situation.

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