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Do you have cancer and would like COS to support you? We offer you a package tailored specifically to your needs.

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    Through its services, COS aims to help cancer patients focus on their recovery, while continuing to lead an active life as they did prior to diagnosis.

    COS offers you access to first-class medical and paramedical services. We have an abundance of cancer specialists, all recognized experts in their field.

    Thanks to COS, you can schedule an appointment with a renowned cancer specialist at short notice. Depending on your individual needs, we can also refer you to a psychologist, medical acupuncturist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, medical imaging specialist or homeopath.

    • Supporting a cancer patient is not just about medical and paramedical care. In order to get through this difficult time and avoid a relapse, it is also vitally important to take control of your life, in particularly your diet and exercise regime.For this reason COS offers three services to support your medical therapy:

    Society attaches great importance to physical appearance. For cancer patients, it is even more crucial. The disease can leave scars people would rather not show.

    If you wish to conceal the visible effects of your illness and protect yourself from unwanted attention, COS offers a range of oncology-esthetic services and plastic / reconstructive surgery solutions.

    We are well aware that when you have cancer, everyday life can be more challenging. This is why we have implemented a broad range of services delivered in your language of choice to make your day-to-day life easier. This leave you free to focus on your recovery and your loved ones.

    Explore the diverse package of services offered by COS: home care (special concierge services), home nursing care, private transport to attend your medical appointments, administrative support and digitization of your medical records.

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