Coping with cancer with COS

Helping cancer patients to navigate the medical and paramedical care pathway

COS was created in response to an observation: nowadays, not all people with cancer receive individual care and may at times feel helpless when faced with the challenge that lies ahead and decisions to be taken.

By coordinating your medical and paramedical pathway, COS will enable you to become an active participant in your care, and not merely an observer. Manage and take control of your cancer in order to cope better and get started on the road to recovery. We also coordinate medical check-ups for anyone wishing to take advantage of a personalized cancer prevention plan.

At COS, we attach the utmost importance to human values. If you opt to be supported by our cancer specialists, you will be assured of attentive listening, fast-track personalized case management, first-class care and the highest level of confidentiality.

How can COS help me cope better with my cancer?

We will build a personalized health plan, on your behalf and with your input, to help you cope better with your cancer. We can then consult our contact list of cancer specialists, who will offer you a consultation at short notice. We will also offer you medical and paramedical solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

At COS, we know that waiting for medical appointments can be very stressful for cancer patients. For this reason we have set up a direct, fast-track appointment booking system so that you can have a consultation with most of the specialists in our network at very short notice.

The care services provided by COS are delivered in your native language: we can support you in French, English, Arabic or Russian.

Who founded COS ?

The project was spearheaded by cancer specialists

Olivier Cunin

Co-founder and Managing Director

Nathalie Cunin

Co-founder and President

Thomas Tursz

Specialist in cancer care and research

The COS project would never have got off the ground without its founder and president, Nathalie Cunin. Personally affected by a breast cancer,

she was struck by the limitations of patient care throughout her battle against the disease. What is her goal for COS? To offer cancer patients the opportunity, if they wish, to take advantage of a different type of support so that they can focus all their attention on their recovery.


Full Professor Emeritus Thomas Tursz is a specialist in cancer care and research, and a key player in the COS project. He has dedicated his career to tumor virology and immunology. For over 10 years, he also headed up a CNRS laboratory (French National Center for Scientific Research). Throughout his career, Professor Thomas Tursz has received awards for his cancer research work. These prestigious prizes include the Grand Prix in Oncology awarded by the French Academy of Medicine in 1992, the Hamilton Fairley Award for Clinical Research from the European Society of Medical Oncology in 1998 and the Prix du Rayonnement Français in 2001. Why not check out his resume here.

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Client testimonials

Here's what some of our clients have to say about our cancer support services...

  • COS knew just what to say to calm and reassure us in the face of this new ordeal our mother was going through. We were all fully supported thanks to their listening, kindness and discretion. Relieved at not having to navigate a journey through unknown waters alone, we were able to devote our full attention to our mother. We are all very grateful for the help and advice given to us by Nathalie Cunin. Our mother was treated by skilled, people-focused specialists, and in record time too. She is getting better every day. We can thoroughly recommend COS to look after your health.  
    Aurélie C.
  • Nathalie Cunin’s presence and support in managing both the psychological and logistical impacts of our mother’s illness has been vital, enabling us to play a key role in caring for her. The experience shared by Nathalie, who has herself been through this difficult time, and the energy she showed when we too were at a low ebb helped us so much. Thanks again!
    Linda G.
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH, Nathalie! After 20 years of remission following my first breast cancer diagnosis, we were horrified to learn it had come back and metastasized to my bones. Feeling terribly destabilized by this very serious diagnosis and disorientated by alarming revelations and approximate treatment schedules, we just can’t thank Nathalie and COS enough for their intervention and wonderful support enabling me to be seen immediately by the best specialist consultants and have access to the most appropriate and effective innovative treatments. In addition to her support, empathy, sensitivity, interventions and help in navigating the healthcare system, Nathalie Cunin has been a real professional, always efficient, attentive and hands-on, protecting us from additional stress and enabling us to manage this new challenge calmly and with confidence. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH, Nathalie; we are really grateful to you.
    Catherine CT.
  • The support I’ve received from Nathalie Cunin at COS has been a tremendous boost at a time when I felt at my most vulnerable. Lost in a world of medical jargon, not knowing who to turn to, she has been a trusted and dedicated guide, helping me access a network of highly qualified specialists. Nathalie has always known exactly what to say to calm my fears. Her kindness and infectious energy have made me stronger and better able to face the challenge ahead... Thanks again.
    Louisa G.