The different types of cancer

Gain a better understanding so as to more effectively combat cancer

We all know someone who has had cancer at some point in their life. Whether it was breast cancer, bowel cancer or bone cancer, the news always comes as a shock for the patient and their friends and family.

The COS team has collated information about the most common cancers in France. A good understanding of these cancers is vital if we are to effectively combat them.

Cancer classification

Cancers are generally classed in three categories, namely carcinomas, sarcomas and blood tumors:

  • Carcinomas: Cancer cells develop in the tissue which covers the body’s organs. The external tissue (the skin) can also be affected. The tissue in which the cancer cells develop is known as the Maybe you have already heard about adenocarcinomas? In this case, the cancer cells develop directly in the epithelium of a gland, as can be the case with breast and prostate cancers.
  • Sarcoma: In this case, cancer cells develop in the supportive and connective tissues, namely the bones (osteosarcoma), adipose tissue (liposarcoma) and the muscles (rhabdomyosarcoma).
  • Blood cancer: This umbrella term refers to cancers of the blood (leukemia) and those that affect the lymphatic system (lymphoma).

Some cancer specialists also differentiate between solid tumors and blood cell tumors. Solid tumors are more common and can be detected when a mass develops. However, things are very different in the case of blood cell tumors. The cancer cells are contained in the blood and bone marrow.

The most common cancers in France

Although we tend to use the singular when talking about cancer, in fact we should really use the plural term ‘cancers’. This umbrella term conceals a wide range of diseases with different symptoms and treatments.

The COS team has provided more in-depth information about the most common cancers in France. Please take a look at our information sheets on lung cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer, liver cancer and bone cancer. The information sheets contain lots of information about cancer.

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