First-class care
Personalized case management

The COS concept

“When science and medical excellence unite with service and compassion”

COS offers you the chance to become an active participant in your care and in this way cope better with your cancer.

Choose COS to support you and take advantage of :

  • Attentive listening and compassion
  • First-class care and support
  • Total confidentiality
  • A fast-track personalized service underpinned by excellence

At COS, we are on hand to offer personalized support tailored specifically to your needs and wishes. Our goal is simple: to enable you to navigate this difficult time by coordinating your medical and paramedical care pathway.

A personalized health plan

Services tailored to your needs

Personalized cancer support

Your health plan will only include services relevant to your needs and wishes. Ranging from support from a cancer specialist to counseling, acupuncture, oncology esthetics and osteotherapy, our services will help you cope better with your cancer.

Preventing cancer with COS

Stop the disease before it even starts

COS does not provide services exclusively to cancer patients. We also run prevention initiatives on a daily basis. This means we can coordinate your screening tests and offer advice on a healthier lifestyle (exercise, diet etc.).

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Would you like to take advantage of our personalized cancer support ?

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